About Us

Kim Than

CEO and Founder

Jamie Kingsley

COO and Co-Founder

Our Leader


Established in 2021 by our Co-CEOs, Kim Than and Jamie Kingsley, Insight Bond is globally led by its founders. Our distinctive culture reflects their ethos and values. Learn more about them here.


Our Mission

Our mission is organize 100 executive roundtables per month and 1200 executive roundtables, 4800 short form content videos, 2400 SEO driven blogs and 2 conferences per year with the world’s top executives.


Our Vision

We are a market intelligence media company leveraging interviews as a catalyst for data insights for our clients. We believe in the power of relationships, viral content and market intelligence for clients that can be all combined together to help drive insights and enable commercial bonds and relationships to be fostered.

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Leap beyond norms. With Executive Roundtables, every interaction, every dialogue should be more than just memorable. It should be transformative while simultaneously building your authority and status. With our top-tier media and executive connections, we can make that happen.


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